Making of a Model
Posted on June 8, 2014 in Makeup

I was asked by Ephraim Hunte to develop a portfolio for 18 year old Asiah who aspires to begin a modelling career in print. So I pulled together my team, Akeel Williams (stylist) and Akilah Steadman( hairstylist) to do two looks at my studio.

Below: I just complete her first makeup look and got my camera out while Akilah and Akeel added their finishing touches.


Below: First Beauty Shot by Miles of Beauty


Okay on to the second look, of which Akeel wanted a Twiggy concept with pale skin and nude lips. Yes I work with my stylist’s vision but he gives me leeway to put my spin on it.

Below: Second fashion shot by Miles of Beauty


Finally I shot Asiah on another day without my team (sniff sniff) for a more casual every day look.


If you want to get a glammed up portrait or to  start your modelling portfolio then check out my full makeover prices and information under Photoshoot day.

Posing below are Akeel (right) and Akilah (left) , of course the makeup artist/ photographer was behind the camera. Cheers!



  1. Simone Nicome /

    Wow, Natalie! You’ve got the beauty, poise, grace and Miles of talent! Very professional website, work and presentations. I’m looking forward to sitting under your gifted hands!

    • milesofbeauty /

      Thank you for your awesome feedback Simone.

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